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Travail Adapté Lanaudière (TAL) is an organism self-directed non-profitmaking who's, since 1995, gives work for people showing insertion problems, for people who desires to come back on the work market after a long absence, and for people physically or mentally challenge. All this beautiful interrelation is produce harmoniously in a work place who must satisfied the requirement of the companies we deal with.

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Nos travailleurs More than 400 people has benefited from this service. Until today, 75 people are working for us.

The assembling and the subcontracting are our principal activities even if we produce diaries (agendas) and ski wire tickets for all Quebec and eastern Ontario. Our work place is located at Rawdon (1 hour north of Montreal) and at Joliette (1 hour east of Montreal). It will give us a real pleasure to work for you.